Speeding up government action on the climate and the natural world to protect our future.

How it works


The Commitment is a declaration which commits you to:

  • putting the climate and the natural world at the heart of your decision when you vote
  • make it stronger with a personal message explaining why you have made The Commitment. As short or long as you like, in words, pictures, music…

How it works


Politicians don’t think enough people want bold action on the climate and nature

  • People making The Commitment will encourage politicians to act more urgently, protecting our future
  • We will take your Commitments and personal messages to local politicians, showing them how much their communities want things to change

How it works


We give you a way of joining with many others to use the power you already have in your vote

  • The Commitment is an initiative of Caplor Horizons, an independent charity
  • We are encouraging all politicians and parties to do more, whatever their approaches and beliefs
  • We have a growing team of staff and many volunteers

Get involved

The Commitment is in development.

Get in touch

Got some feedback? Want to volunteer? Make a donation?
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